High level doctoral studies are one of the main research pillars of the Department. Doctoral studies aim to the production of high-quality scientific research by early-stage scientists, interested in contributing to the evolution of science. The Thesis may be submitted either in Greek or in English.

Who can apply?

Anyone interested in applying for a doctoral thesis should hold a Master’s Degree. In exceptional cases, following a General Assembly decision, a doctoral candidate may be admitted without holding a Master’s Degree, by providing evidence of published scientific work that meets specific scientific criteria; in such a case, the candidate is required to attend a year of the Postgraduate Program closest to their PhD subject. 

How to apply

Ph.D. candidates are required to submit an application to the Department with the proposed title, their language of preference and the proposed supervisor. Applications can be submitted twice a year: 1-30 May and 1-30 November. The Department may invite applicants on a list of proposed thesis topics. Any calls for doctoral candidates are published on the Department website.

The documents required

Applicants are required to submit:

  • An extensive CV.
  • Authenticated copies of their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (contact the Secretariat for further details).
  • A list of their undergraduate and graduate studies grades.
  • Copies of required degree dissertations.
  • Copies of any published work, study or research project.
  • At least two letters of recommendation
  • A proposed doctoral thesis title along with the thesis proposal (c. 2.500 words), detailing a general overview of the topic, the approach proposed, the research methodology, the expected research outcomes, the key literature and the contribution to science.

The application and all accompanying documents should be submitted both as hard copies and electronically at dd@panteion.gr.

Appointing the PhD Supervisor and Advisory Committee

The Assembly of the Department categorizes the applications based on the relevance of the proposed topic with the academic subject of the three Units of the Department, and appoints a three-member Referral Committee for each Unit. Each Referral Committee examines the respective applications and the submitted documents and invites the candidates for an interview. The proposed Supervisor is also invited to the interview. The Referral Committee submits to the Assembly of the Department a detailed report, which states whether the applicant should be accepted as a PhD candidate, as well as the name of the Supervisor. The Assembly will discuss the report and in case of approval, the Supervisor will propose two more members for the Advisory Committee.

Completion process

Once the doctoral candidates complete their dissertation, they submit an application to the Department asking to defend their Thesis. The three-member Advisory Committee appointed by the Assembly accepts (or rejects) the candidate’s application for defence. Upon approval of the application, it prepares a detailed Presentation Report and submits it to the Assembly of the Department, requesting the appointment of a Seven-member Examination Committee for the review of the doctoral dissertation.

The doctoral dissertation defence is public and must take place within four (4) months from the appointment of the Seven-Member Examining Committee. The public defence process presupposes the physical presence of at least four (4) members of the Examining Committee, while the other members may participate via video conference.

The grading scale of the dissertation, if approved, is: Excellent / Very Good / Pass.

The title of Doctor of Philosophy is awarded by the Department of Public Administration.