The Department of Public Administration emerged in 1963 from the primordial Panteion School of Political Science of the 1930’s. It took its current form in 1989 as one of the three founding departments of the Panteion University.

Being the largest department of the University, since its inception it has consistently been a significant contributor to the political, social and economic life. Over the years, the department has continually enriched with its staff and alumni the academia, politics, public administration and the business world.

The Department has a strong interdisciplinary character over selected areas of the broad scientific fields of Law, Economics and Administrative Sciences (Governance, Management and Administration). It offers degrees at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral degrees) and it also hosts post-Doctoral researchers. Our graduates are provided with all knowledge instrumental in meeting the requirements of modern, multifaceted Public Administration, International Governance and Corporate Management. Our undergraduate courses are flexibly spread across a variety of subjects that are necessary to effective performers in the public and private sectors and lead to a degree majoring either in Public Economics or Public Institutions. Our graduate courses offer further specialization over a wide range of choices.