Our Department offers the opportunity to holders of a Ph.D. degree to continue their research in the Postdoctoral Studies Program


Who can apply?

All applicants for postdoctoral research should already hold a Ph.D. The postdoc supervisor should belong to one of the three (3) academic units of the Department. Written work can be submitted either in Greek or in English.

How to apply

Candidates interested to conduct postdoctoral research are required to submit an application to the Department Secretariat with the proposed title, their language of preference and the proposed supervisor. Usually, the applications are submitted following a call for expression of interest to conduct a postdoctoral study in a specific field, launched by the Department.

The documents required

Candidates interested in conducting postdoctoral research are required to submit the following documents:

An extensive CV along with a list of their scientific publications.

  • Authenticated copies of their degrees.
  • An application with the proposed name of the supervisor.
  • A research proposal detailing their cognitive and research interests along with the reasons why they are interested in conducting postdoctoral research in the Department, as well as any prospects of research project funding or scholarship.
  • A description of the research deliverables.

Appointing the Postdoc Supervisor and an Advisory Committee

The Secretariat files the applications, conducts a formal check of all submitted supporting documents, and forwards the application to the Coordinating Committee of the Postgraduate Directions of the School. Upon approval by the Coordinating Committee, the supervisor may nominate up to two research advisors from the academic staff of any University (domestic or foreign),

Completion process

Upon completion of the postdoctoral research, the researcher and the supervisor respectively submit the study and a report to the School Coordinating Committee. The Committee examines the research study and the report and awards the postdoctoral certification.

Postdoctoral researchers’ rights

Postdoctoral researchers:

  • may use the affiliation with the Department in conferences and publications.
  • will have access all research resources and facilities of the University.
  • may apply for the financing of research expenses (such as access to data and academic material, publications, participation in conferences etc).
  • will be granted a postdoctoral research certificate, upon successful completion.

The Dean’s office may invite Ph.D. holders as visiting Postdoctoral Researchers with a view to furthering the research activities of the School. Visiting Postdoctoral Researchers cannot be funded through the state grants to the University.