Chryssoula Moukiou is an Assisstant Professor of Administrative Law at the “Panteion” University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens, Greece. She has studied at the Law School of Athens and at the Law School of University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. She has a PhD from the Athens Law School with a great distinction. She has been a trainee judge at the Greek Supreme Administrative Court, a member of many law-making committees, a Legal Advisor to the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a Scientific Collaborator at the Greek National Commission for Human Rights, and a Special Researcher to the Greek Ombudsman.  Actually, she is a honoris causa Legal Advisor to the R Minister of Asylum and Immigration.  She has given conferences in the USA (GWU, Washington DC), in France (SciencesPo Paris), in Italy (University of Brescia), in the Netherlands (University of Utrecht), in Cyprus (Supreme Court, Nicosia), and in Turkey (University of Bahçeşehir, Instanbul). She teaches administrative law,European law Public Fianancial law, Public Procurement and Transparency in Public Adminsitration, both at graduate and post-graduate level. She has been a supervisor off more than 50 LLM Dissertations on Administrative and European Law and of several PhDs. She is specialized in public procurement law, at domestic, European and international level.

She has been a visitor at GWU and at SciencesPo Paris in the special field of comparative public procurement law. She has published three books, “The silence of the Public Administration. Towards a de lege ferenda administrative law” (2004), “The Regulatory Power of Public Administration. In the light of the recent jurisprudential evolutions” (2008), “Transparency, Integrity and Honesty in Public Procurement. The Impact of International Soft Law in the field of Public Procurement” (2018), all based on a comparative analysis. She has also published more than 60 articles in Greek, English and French, concerning special issues of administrative law, such as human rights, public procurement and public finance. Her most recent publications are in EPPLR and RFDA. She is also an active member of the network “Public contracts and globalization” and of the network of comparative law of Yale University. She has participated in more than 30 national and international conferences as a speaker upon special invitation.

She is also lawyer at the Greek Supreme Administrative Court specialized in public procurement in the field of public health. She is extremely fluent in English and French (having the highest certifications from the British Council and the Institut Français d’Athènes) and competent in German and Italian for research purposes.

Contact details:
Tel: (30) 210 920 1066