Welcome note from the Head of the Department

On behalf of the academic and administrative staff, I welcome you to the website of the Department of Public Administration.

Our principal aim is to present the profile of our Department and provide information relating to its structure, staff, studies, research and all other activities within the Department’s scope.

The Department of Public Administration was established in 1963 and from then until now our graduates are to be found in the top echelons of the public and the private sector. During this long period of its function it has not only greatly contributed to the development and modernization of public administration in our country but also to the broader social transformation of the function of the public sector. It is worth pointing out that our Department is the largest one within the Panteion University and it grants degrees in two areas of specialization: Public Sector Economics and Public Institutions. In addition, the Postgraduate courses, which are offered, cover and embrace all scientific and research fields related to Public Administration (civil service and local government, management, financial and fiscal policy, European organization and policies, economics). We have a student body of approximately 1.800 undergraduates, studying for a degree and there are also about 140 M.A., 70 Ph.D. students and 10 Postdoctoral researchers, who are working on all scientific fields mentioned above.

Our primary goal is to provide our students with a broad and sound grounding in all the basic scientific fields mentioned above, which contribute to the functioning of a modern State and also to instil in them the specialized knowledge, which will enable them to act as capable executives in all the areas of the Greek civil service, the international organizations as well as in businesses of the private sector of the economy.

Enjoy your navigation!

Dr. Polyxeni Papadaki, Associate Professor

Head of the Department of Public Administration

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