Dr. Meletios Moustakas is Full Professor of Administrative Law in the Department of Public Administration of the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. Ηe studied Law and graduated with “excellent grade” from the Law School of Athens. He continued his postgraduate studies in France and more specific in the Paris II University (Law School), where he obtained a Master’ s Degree in Public Law (DEA de Droit Public) He was also awarded a Doctor Degree in Public Law (Doctorat d’ Etat) from the same University with an excellent grade (“summa cum laude’’). He started his academic career at the Panteion University in 2004, when he was appointed Lecturer and was consecutively elected unanimously Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and currently Professor in the Department of Public Administration of the Panteion University. At the Panteion University, he teaches courses in the field of Administrative Law and Administrative Procedural Law both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The research-scientific work of Professor Moustakas consists of three monographs, beside his doctoral thesis. His last monograph on the Ne bis in Idem principle was published in 2018 with the title “The Ne bis in Idem principle and the Greek Administrative Law-The uncertain future of an once very promising principle”. His scientific work consists further of sixteen (16) Articles published in highly acclaimed journals in Greece and abroad, among which the french Revue de Droit Public is included. Furthermore, he has written four (4) chapters in significant collective works. Professor Moustakas has participated as member of the Research Team in three research programmes of the Dimokritius University of Thrace. He has also participated in two research-scientific teams established by the respective Ministries for the elaboration of draft legislation on the national cadaster and on the social insurance system. Furthermore, in the years 2014 and 2016 he was chosen in the highly honorary position of the full Member of the Examination Committee of the Examination Process for the admission in the National School of Judges. Finally, Professor Moustakas is also lawyer in the High Court and the Council of State and practices law for many years before the Administrative Courts and the Council of State, handling a significant number of administrative cases.

Contact details:
Email: moustakasm@panteion.gr