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Academic Staff

Academic Field



Contiades Xenofon

Public Law and Social Security Law

Filos Ioannis 

Auditing – International Standards

Karavitis Nikolaos

Public Finance

Kefis Vasileios

Business Organization and Public Management

Kriari Ismini

Constitutional Law

Ktistaki Stavroula

Administrative Science and Administrative Institutions

Mariolis Theodoros

Political Economy

Moustakas Meletios

Administrative Law

Associate Professors


Bolos Angelos

Commercial Law

Chanos Antonios

Methodology of Law

Moukiou Chrisoula

Administrative Law

Papadaki Polyxeni

General Theory of the State

Petrakos Georgios

Quantitative methods and Information Systems

Assistant Professors


Anagnostou Diamanto

Comparative Politics

Babalioutas Lambros

Comparative Analysis of Administrative Systems

Balta Evangelia

Governance in Public Administration

Christopoulou Christina

Commercial Law

Daskalakis Nikolaos

Finance and Accounting

Kordas Grigorios


Milionis Nikolaos

Public Finance Law

Panagopoulou Fereniki

Constitutional Law

Voglis Eleftherios

Civil Law and Methodology of Law



Papazoglou Aimilia

Constitutional Law

Other teaching staff


Polimeris Spiridon

 Informatics in Administration